random is as random does…

Okay, so this post is a bit random – get used 2 it cuz it’s probably going to be happening for a while. And by “for a while” I mean “until the next time”. But I’ll try and write with a bit more focus next week. Here goes:

1. I’m writing a script for my sitcom (thats partly Drews aswell). It’s funny in my head, and slightly funny on paper, so I’m sure by the time I get to the finished product it will lose funniness altogether. It’s kinda like the movie Multiplicity, where Michael Keaton gets dumber with ever iteration. I’m also writing a screenplay but far more metaphorical and artistic about characters within my life. Yes you could be in it! however i am prone to exagrate so if this screen play ever becomes something in the future and you notice a character thats like you but completely exagrated – i ve warned you already.

2. I sent The New School of Design in New York an email about setting up an exchange link today. I haven’t heard anything. Fine, I haven’t heard anything yet. But hope fades with every passing hour and possibly day. It’s weird. I get these random bouts of self-confidence and courage and fall flat on my face every time. But hello! We talked about Catwoman! They were like: “We should have a movie marathon.” I don’t think I was being presumptuous by giving an email about gettin one of their students to swap with me in sheffield. Whatever. I’ll never get to an art college thats like Goldsmiths. oh yeah, they do exchange links with Glasglow and Wimblon school of art. Ask them for Sheffield Hallam and they are like hahahaar. No. My I remind you its sheff students that get oscars, make movies, feed the nation MTV crap and actually make semi decent, not self indulgent work. we also totally bum found objectss (but ignore that).

3.) I realised that I will be at Camp America when The Simpson Movie and HARRY Potter 5 comes out. I’m like we should take a field trip 2 the movie theatre? No? Its going 2 be weird ordering harry potter 7 book on amazon.com

4.) I also can’t wait for TV to be over for the Summer. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I need a break from television. I have too many commitments to my television and it all get’s too stressful. It doesn’t help matters that I’m still using VHS tapes instead of DVR or Utorrent. I have 3 episodes of Ugly Betty, and 1 episode of Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on. It’s ridiculous. Give me my Project Runway and leave me alone for the Summer, thank you very much. Speaking of which. ARGH Ugly betty is OVERRRR! WHat am i going to do now?! I feel like i know her so well lol.

5.) I own. I’ve booked my transportation to travel 15 states after camp USA. all Southern states pretty much. Whhoop whooop.!!


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