Toilets and other random shizzle

It seems half a lifetime since i’ve blogged.. obviously half a lifetime is an exagration (only about 2 months), however!
Since I blogged I have a Camp America placement – In the outskirts of Boston bordering New Hampshire. I can’t wait … I’m sure you will hear alot about it in these blogs in the near future – as im leaving in just under 4 weeks. For 4 months. However since i’m trying to avoid last minute work and drowned out the noise annoyances of spazz’s* (*meant in a funny un.p.c way) i’mmawrite some thoughts down that are obviously inter connected with my future travellingness!

Let’s begin with airplanes.

I am apprehensive about being in airplanes, but not neccesarily about flying and i’m not talking about the stupidity of customs and their questions (have you packed your bags yourself? – Yes?!- like a terrorist is going 2 be like, ” oh damn yes you got me!!”). This sounds counter-intuitive I know, but the one thing about airplanes that makes me nervous is the LOUD TOILET FLUSH.
It’s so loud and scary that I usually open the door and prepare my exit before I flush. Everytime I hear it, I jump a little
(I also make sure to empty my bladder pre-flight and avoid drinking too much during the flight but i love 2 take advantage of free coke.)

Anyhow, I’ve noticed that certain airlines have replaced their loud flushers with quieter (almost silent ones!).
And so this development has calmed my heart.
Last week, to my shock and horror i found some toilets at the campus some toilets that have the loud flusher. The flusher that sounds like it is capable and likely to suck your body into it. The flusher that is so loud you wonder if it’s liable to make you deaf.

It may be time to wear headphones in the bathroom….

Another thought is These days, every time I’m buying something in Sainsbury’s or ASDA and I see some soap product that is now sold in foam form, I’m all over it. It’s in my cart and I’m heading towards the checkout.

Face Wash, Hand Soap, Body Wash…anything…I’m down. When I go to restaurant bathrooms or any public bathroom, I cross my fingers and hope that their soap dispenses a pile of light, fluffy foam (which isn’t often in the UK but moreso in the USA).
It’s the simple things that make my day. Last night, lying in bed, snuggling up to my vibrating heating pad, I started
pondering where my love of foam began….

… It never came to me.


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