The Wesley House top10 most watched things on TV

the things10) Retro old programmes from the 70’s/80’s – for example Columbo or Murder she wrote or even the A Team. You never watched them or even liked them as a kid… so why bother now?
9) America’s Next Top Model. It’s a tough one.
8) The Dogs on Bravo (some random hardmental family who call themselves “the Dogs” go and arrest people.
7) America’s best videos also on Bravo, seems 2 be pretty much the same thing
6) Ray Mears – The worlds most boring man
5) Football
4) Some random black demographic/abc show that everyone secretly likes but doesnt say. It seems to be on for no reason.
3) The Simpsons
2) Hollyoaks
1)Top Gear – Jeremy Clarkson is a complete TWAT!

Here’s my fav TV shows ever.

10) Scooby Doo
9) The Simpsons
8) House (new)
7) Blackbooks
6) Family Guy
5) The Office
4) Sex and the city
3) Extras – ricky gervais rocks
1) Ugly Betty (New addition/at present) Its got everything I like in, for example, easily 2 relate 2 characters with ambition and feeling + new york!

So as you can see, there are hardly any over laps – this is why I have to watch my kick ass better programs mostly on my laptop.

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