Camp America

Yeah, so as a student I totally digg Ugly Betty and other TV shows I wouldnt have watched before (but rest assured, never-ever will watch soaps – despite the great demand for Hollyoaks in the house- what an over used cliche of a student)
That aside, because the place I live in Sheffield is so bumpin’, when I go home I feel lonely because I am so used to being surrounded by people. Heck even the hours of 12-1am on a saturday at home in the Donxx is pure silence when compared to the noise you hear here. So naturally the idea of going home in the summer has become somewhat….not scary but that as appealing as it should do. I mean hell yes I miss all my amazing friends and its going to be great chilling with them – but at night its going to get very blueeeeee. and lonely. Just to back all this up with an example I am even going to New York in April in the Easter… even less time at home alone!
Plus I have itchey feet. All I wanna do is travel and find awesome places, meet new people ect. I wanna see the world.
The idea of a normal mundane job in the UK is not appealing – as we know with me.. I HATE my summer jobs- so Camp America seems the best next logical step. So I had my interview and now I have 2 fill in even more extensions of my forms. And then, and only then, will camps be able to choose me. If I look like they want me. Hard work! So if I get lucky… and a camp decides that they want me… I have to go alllllll the way down to London to the american Embassey and have an interview for a real hard ass Visa! Then its pretty much straight forward till I get there! Its truely slave labour but should be an amazing experience! So on to boring ass form filling…
Watch this step.
Oh yeah I’m gonna post some workage soon

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