Flat Black exhibition, Sheffield

Well you know you’re an official graffiti artist when you get put on a guest list to get in free to the exclusive,invitation only opening night at the Workstation preview for Flat Black exhibition.
And my sweeping statement right there of being an “official graffiti artist being put ona guest list” was primarily due to my kool hommie Matt, who lives on the middle floor, knowing the girl who works at the offices in the Workstation. And this girl’s brother was a graffiti artist … but not any graff artist, one of the famous ones in Sheffield called Dent who chills with all the other ones making it right now like Kid Acny and such. Who consequently introduced me to all of them. It was AMAZING.
The exhibition itself however, is nothing truely amazing. It doesn’t stand alone, but its possibily one of the best exhibitions I have seen in Sheffield for a while. The only one that compares was the Site Gallery animation one during the summer of 06 where you could choose to watch about 200 animations on dvd at your own lesuire for free. Kool stuff.
But back to this exhibition. Kid Acne’s work stood out mostly that night; just because the other stuff was your typical cliche of street art, but it wasn’t anything revolutionary. There was the graphic design thing of symbolism but anyone who is truely down with the street can see the instant inspiration where it was from. There was some obvious type of art which was Snow White as a porn star stuck all over a wall and as a print.
Go upstairs where you see lots of that street art culture inspired prints that you can buy for relative cheap prices (starting from £200) Here is were the next piece of art that stood out. PHLEGM COMIC . Not a particularily amazing standing out concept but the style itself was enough to carry the aura of it. I would have bought it. But that style is right it at the present. go around the top floor and there was some video art pieces which were the weakest part of the exhibition. Trying too hard to fit into that, ” this is a street art thing, this is our culture- so lets be funny… we aren’t elitest .. street arts real art” thing. When in actual fact the video installations just threw the whole feelof the exhibition and if you have a guest list for an street art opening totally gets and throws the ideology of graffiti art in the first place.
Is this the key thing for the exhibition? Do the curators and artists trying to say graffiti is just as worthy as the legitimate art? So lets bang a price and an exclusive guest list that even the White Cube doesnt have. or is it more than that? Are they saying that graffiti can only survive in a institutional area. Was this an attempt to get people to recognise that street art is a valid high brow only avant garde art form left – and once people accepted this fact they will lay off us graffiti artists and allow us to roam free-er in the city spreading the love?
Who know, I just know that the exhibition is the hottest thing on the art scene at the moment ( the work at Bloc Space is absoloutely diar [only opened last friday] ) and the free bun’s were amazing! Graffiti artists are the most down to earth artists you will ever meet too. But don’t take my word for it; check out the show and I can garantee that you will want to pick a spray can up.

PS. How amazing is the snow right now?
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