And it’s all real.

Strawberry jam sandwiches was all you ate
When times seemed easier and our thoughts
were how to spend our day with laughter and troublesome grins
you said we’d be friends forever
we had soul in our hearts and you
didnt care of the dysfunctionalism of the dirt on my hands that
you helped wash all away.
but my caresome skies haunted me
like bad karma
your fractured heart was mended
by the guy you love yet you manage
to stop mine from beating so
the skies aren’t so careless anymore
they tell vicious lies and strike me when i feel cold and
dead, from when I see Kodak moments of your new life

i’m moving on now – but I didn’t want
it to end on nothing
on forgotten memories of past whispers that echo barran streets
that i roam looking for you and strewbarry jam sandwichs
You can keep the frame that I bought you from new york
because I can’t stand looking at a picture
that prooves to me that I am blind.
someone once told me never forget your dreams

I can’t forget mine because they have you in.

I wrote this last summer when I was feeling sorry for my excluded assssss!


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